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These Five Questions Can Tell You If You're Ready for the Next Crisis

How can you tell if your family is financially prepared to weather the next down market or economic upheaval? Put your plan to the test with this simple five question financial quiz.

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Initial Public Offerings: Leading Financial Advisors On Equity Compensation Planning

An initial public offering (IPO) presents unique planning circumstances for employees with equity compensation and holdings of company shares. Before your company goes public, you need to understand what will happen and what you need to prepare for.

De-risking Retirement Income

Baby Boomers will increasingly need to look to their own accounts to support themselves in retirement, treating their 401(k) plans and IRAs as their personal pensions. To generate the stream of withdrawals they will need from their portfolios over 30 or 40 years, most Boomers will require some exposure to the potentially higher returns that equities offer. But this requirement means adding volatility risk to their portfolios to offset the longevity risk of outliving their money. Decumulation introduces a number of risk factors that can be managed by using a partial liability-driven investing (LDI) approach. This article was originally published by the CFA Institute.

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Preparing For the NEXT Normal

This article was posted by David Booth of Dimensional Fund Advisers. It looks at the lessons learned from the market events of 2020 and how to prepare for what comes next.

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