We Understand

We understand and have seen over the years that simply earning a lot of money does not mean you have confidence when it comes to choosing your investments, making plans for the future or navigating the important financial decisions of daily life. In fact, sometimes earning more money just means there are more decisions that have to be made and making the wrong one can cost you even more.

What you need is trustworthy advice for today so you can have confidence for the future.

Who We Help

Employees With Equity Incentives

Equity incentives are often the most valuable aspect of an employee's compensation package. We help employees and company leaders manage their equity-based compensation and integrate these benefits into the financial plan. Whether you work for a publicly traded company or your company is pre-IPO, we can help you develop a plan to capitalize on your unique opportunity.

Families Needing Portfolio Income

We understand your need for a seamless transition to spending from your portfolio instead of your paycheck. Our cash flow centric planning and portfolio management process is designed to predictably provide the money you need right when you need it for as long as you need it. We are especially skilled at planning for and managing our clients' post-career income needs.

Families In Financial Transition

We work with families whose wealth was created through a range of circumstances including business exits, real estate, IPO liquidity events and inheritance. These families understand their growing affluence has introduced a level of complexity to their lives that is best handled with the help of professional financial managers.  

Meet Our Founder

Adam Broughton, CFP®, CPWA® 

Adam is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional and CERTIFIED PRIVATE WEALTH ADVISER™ Professional.  He is the author of multiple books including The Founder's Guide to Business Succession, Maximizing Your Compensation: An Executive's Guide to Accelerating Wealth and a contributing author to So You Want To Be A Financial Planner? (7th edition). Adam has also been featured in articles on leading industry sites such as MyStockOptions.com and Horsesmouth.com.

Adam believes in being a lifelong learner and is an avid reader. He is also a World War I & II history enthusiast, fisherman and guitarist. Adam and his wife, Amy, live in Austin, TX with their three children and their retired, grand champion dachshund, Miley.

Office Support & Operations

We leverage the resources of multiple, best-in-class strategic support partners to implement our plans and deliver our exceptional client experience. More information about our strategic support partners can be found below. 

PBL Wealth Management is an independent, privately owned Registered Investment Advisor not affiliated with or owned by any of the above referenced organizations.

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