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Find out what our advisers have read recently and what has impacted our thinking in the past.

Give Me This Mountain

by Dr. Helen Roseveare

The life of Dr. Helen Roseveare is one that deserves reflection. She was raised in England, survived the Blitz as a young child, trained as a physician and served as a medical missionary in the Congo in the 1960s. This book tells the story of the first three decades of her life and the lessons she learned about what can be achieved when human ambition is released in favor of full submission to God's will.

The Anatomy of Peace: Resolving the Heart of Conflict 

by the Arbinger Institute

Written as an engaging story, this book shows how mistaken views can cause people to misread situations and exacerbate the issues they wish to improve.

Augustus: First Emperor of Rome

by Adrian Goldsworthy

Looking deeper at the lives of the giants of history helps put the modern world in context. It also is a helpful reminder that these were people just like you and me despite the outsized impact of their accomplishments.

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