Portfolios Built Around You

6 Ways Confidence-Based Investing is Different.


We Design A Personal Capital Map

We understand having a high income or owning a large investment portfolio doesn't mean you always have cash available to pay for what you need. We use the data from the financial plan we develop to map out your expected spending needs into the future before we ever talk about stocks, bonds or investment strategy. We get clear on what expenses you need to pay for at what times and assign a priority to each. This is your capital map.


We Treat Each Goal Differently

We divide the expenses across your capital map into different segments we call Confidence Bands. This time and risk-segmented approach allows us to match your future needs with evidence-based strategies we have confidence will deliver our required results over specific time periods. This gives our clients greater clarity around why we are recommending an investment as well as greater confidence they will have exactly what they need, exactly when they need it.


There Is No One Size Fits All

We understand most affluent families have assets in both pretax and after tax accounts. They also sometimes have legacy holdings with substantial built-in capital gains or "affinity" positions such as stock they were gifted by a parent or loved one. Some clients also come to us with accounts that have surrender penalties or other costs associated. We take tax, exit-cost, portfolio size, asset location and other constraints into consideration before making our final recommendations in your Investment Plan.


We're Monitoring Start To Finish

We work with our implementation associates to ensure trades are placed efficiently and the Investment Plan we designed just for you is the one you end up with.


We Respond As Life Changes

Our team regularly monitors your portfolio. This means we not only monitor market performance in general, but we also measure your progress on each goal set within your financial plan. This allows us to make any necessary adjustments before you get too far off track. Catching potential problems early on helps avoid having to change your lifestyle in the future when it's too late to recover. We also provide actively tax-managed portfolios for clients whose portfolio and income level require this specialized service.


We Are Accountable To You

We provide you access to technology tools such as online portals, data aggregators and regular performance reporting to give you real-time monitoring of your account values. Finally, we work with a qualified, independent custodian to ensure your funds are kept safe from fraud. We take the security of your information and your assets extremely seriously.

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